Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday night of each month at 7:30 P.M. and are open to all persons interested in orchids. You are cordially invited to attend a meeting as a guest. Should you wish to join, the Membership Committee will welcome your application.

The Fort Lauderdale Orchid Society was Organized in June 1951 with about twelve members. After several meetings in private homes, the Society needed larger space as it grew and held its meeting in the Birch State Park Garden Center. Later, it moved to quarters in the recreation hall of First Congregational Church, and then to St. Anthony’s School. Meetings are now held at Christ Lutheran Church, address 1955 East Oakland Park Blvd. During the early years, the group entered orchid displays in the Federated Garden Club Shows.

Our first show was held in February 1957 in the Atlantic Federal Savings and Loan Building with only members participating. Since that time, shows have been held in various locations in which members, commercial growers and the general public are invited to participate. Individual plants and exhibits are judged by the American Orchid Society judges with awards and trophies offered.

The purpose of the Society is to stimulate interest, provide education and enable exchange of information among those interested in the culture of orchids in all its aspects. In 1983, the Society was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non profit organization, exempt from federal income tax. Donations made to the Society are income tax deductible as charitable gifts.

At each monthly meeting, a speaker discusses orchids and show slides of many genera and species. Members bring their blooming plants for ribbon judging and there is a plant raffle in which all may participate. Refreshments are provided by the Society and its members. Our library with over 400 books on orchids is open at each meeting where members may borrow books to take home and study. Orchid “rambles” are held periodically in which organized groups visit members’ collections or various nurseries around the state.

Our Society was a co-host to the 19th World Orchid Conference held in Miami in 2008.

HONORARY MEMBERS The Board of Trustees recognizes persons distinguished in the orchid world by naming individuals as “Honorary Members.” The following have been so honored. We thank them for their many contributions.

  • Chuck McCartney

LIFE MEMBERS The Board of Trustees recognizes outstanding service to the Society by naming individuals as “Life Members.” The following have been so honored. We thank them for their many contributions.

  • Jeff Adkins
  • Allan Cogar
  • Joan Connors
  • Chris Crepage
  • Jane DePadro
  • Nora Dyke
  • Bob Henley
  • Dot Henley
  • Larry Hill
  • Marian Huber
  • Col. Kenneth Kone
  • Janett McMillan
  • Michael Schaberl
  • Suzanne Williams



President Gigi Granger
1st Vice President Rich Ackerman
2nd Vice President Zoe Bejar
Recording Secretary Vicki Hallock
Corresponding Secretary Jill Smith
Treasurer Brian Boyle


  • 1 year Trustees: Joan Connors, Allen Cogar
  • 2 year Trustees: Tin Ly, Stephen White
  • 3 year Trustees: Rick Bellas, Paul Gumos



  • AOS Representative – Joan Connors
  • Holiday Party Committee – Paula Kramer, Ginny Salus, Joan Connors
  • House Committee – Stephen White, John and Anne Bernard
  • Keiki Club – Jill Smith
  • Library Committee – Vicki Hallock,  Stephen White
  • Membership Committee – Zoe Bejar, Tin Ly, Craig Barry
  • Webmaster – Rich Ackerman, Gigi Granger
  • Newsletter Committee – Ginny Salus, Brian Boyle, Jill Smith
  • Program Committee – Rich Ackerman, Omar Gonzalez
  • Plant Raffle Table – Rich and Carrie Ackerman
  • Public Relations Committee – Joan Connors, Vicki Hallock, Michael Schaberl, Stephen White
  • Refreshments – Fran Renguso, Debbie Johnson, Kathy Homann
  • Scholarship – Gigi Granger, Rich Ackerman, Brian Boyle
  • Sunshine – Jill Smith
  • Parliamentarian – Diane Centorino
  • Newsletter Editor – Ginny Salus
  • Rambles – Allen Cogar, Claire Garrett


  • Show Chairman – Michael Schaberl
  • Show Judging Chair – Ken Slump
  • Chief Clerk – Zoe Bejar , Claire Garrett (Assistant)
  • Awards Coordinator – Zoe Bejar, Michael Schaberl
  • Individual Plant Registration – Chris Crepage, Tony Millet, Rick Bellas
  • Box Office – Brian Boyle
  • Hosting – Rich Ackerman, Craig Barry, Tin Ly
  • Publicity / Advertising – Joan Connors, Vicki Hallock, Michael Schaberl
  • FLOS Table – Ginny Salus, Stephen White
  • AOS Table – Joan Connors
  • Presale Tickets – Ginny Salus, Rich Ackerman,
  • Ticket Sales – Brian Boyle
  • Signage Coordinator – Suzanne Williams  
  • Student Art Coordinator – Zoe Bejar