Keiki Club

17482655842_b2b5acfcd0_mThe Keiki Club is a social group for new members of the Fort Lauderdale Orchid Society. After joining FLOS, you belong to the Keiki Club for the first 24 months of your membership.


  • Learn what kind of orchids experienced local growers grow and how they grow them.
  • Meet other FLOS members and get more involved with orchids and our Society.
  • Have fun!

After 24 months in FLOS you are no longer eligible to attend Keiki Club meetings. We need to make room for new newcomers! Maybe you can volunteer to host a meeting (hint hint)!


Meetings are usually held once a month from 2pm to 4pm. Upcoming Keiki Club events will be posted on our website and included in our newsletter.

Meetings will generally be in backyards or greenhouses of society members. The host will share experiences with different varieties, potting and growing techniques, and other topics of interest to new orchid growers. There will be lots of time for questions and answers and viewing the owner’s plants.

At different meetings we may cover topics like:

  • Dividing and repotting
  • Mounting orchids
  • Disease and insect control
  • Light, water, and wind (environmental concerns)
  • How to read a label
  • Commonly grown orchid genera and species
  • Native orchids
  • Naturalizing orchids
  • Sources of orchid information online
  • How to build a personal collection
  • Preparing a plant to show at a FLOS meeting or show

If you have ideas for program themes let us know.

Signing Up

You’ll need to sign up in advance to come to Keiki Club events so we know how many folks are coming. Some private homes have limited parking and it may be necessary to cap the number of participants for any given event. For the same reason, guests and non-members are not allowed.

To sign up for an event please contact a member of the committee:

  • Jill Smith (chair) – 954-462-0477

If you sign up and cannot make it, please be courteous and let the chair know. Someone else might want to take your place.


We hold Keiki Club meetings at members’ houses and growing locations. If you would like to volunteer to host a meeting just talk to Tony or Jill!