Fakahatchee Strand trips

FLOS has taken several trips to visit the Fakahatchee Strand. We generally rendezvous with Mike Owen, the Park Biologist, and members of the Friends of Fakahatchee, who together act as our guides.

(photos by Chris Crepage and Rich Ackerman)

We always see a variety of native orchids and bromeliads. On our trips we have seen (at least!)

  • Cyrtopodium punctatum (Cow-horn)
  • Encyclia cochleata (Clam shell)
  • Encyclia tampensis (Butterfly)
  • Epidendrum anceps (Brown)
  • Epidendrum nocturnum (Night)
  • Epidendrum rigidum (Rigid)
  • Epidendrum strobiliferum (Twisted)
  • Eulophia alta (Wild coco)
  • Dendrophylax porrecta (Jingle Bell)
  • Dendrophylax lindenii (Ghost orchid)
  • Ionopsis utricularioides
  • Vanilla

If When you go

  • Wear lace up shoes
  • Bring a hat and a change of clothes
  • Apply sunblock
  • Bring a walking stick if you have one (sticks will be provided as needed)
  • Bug repellent is a good idea but there aren’t usually many bugs and you can always get a squirt from a friend.
  • Lunch, drinks, and snacks
  • Camera




┬áIt’s not all swamp


sm-foodAnd sometimes there’s a stop on the way home!