Meeting – January 8, 2018 – Alan Koch

Alan and Cheryl Koch have been in the orchid business since 1978.  They began cultivating cattleyas outdoors in Newbury Park, California.  Today, they have 3 new state of the art greenhouses on 10 acres of land in Lincoln California. 

Topic:  TBA

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Meeting – July 11, 2016 – Bill Thoms

Renowned orchid grower, world traveler and internationally recognized speaker Bill Thoms will be presenting a talk on Bulbophyllums (the largest genus in the orchid world!) Be prepared to learn more about this fascinating group of plants than you ever dreamed!

Bill Thoms and his wife, Doris Dukes, have been growing orchids around Central Florida for almost 40 years and have received almost every award granted by the AOS as well as more Awards for Culture than anyone else in the world, (83 in over 26 genera, including 36 in the bulbophyllum alliance (capped off with a 96 pt. Certificate of Cultural Excellence for Bulb. Frank Smith ‘The King’).

Bill is the only person to receive an Award of Quality for a Bulbophyllum hybrid (named for Doris) as well as receiving the hybridizer’s dream; an Award of Distinction for a new avenue of breeding (a Trias hybrid). Many of his crosses are winning awards around the country. The AOS has just added a yearly award named for him for the best Bulbophyllum exhibited.

His talks are spiced with funny stories and funny associations. Whether you grow thousands of orchids, only a few, or none at all, you will have a wonderfully entertaining time and be able to grow anything better. Many of the most important requirements for growing world class plants are made easy to understand and remember.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how to grow these fascinating plants and to hear one of the most knowledgeable, interesting and funny speakers in the orchid world.

His new book, Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? will be available for purchase ($44.95) and he will sign them for free.

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Meeting – May 8, 2017 – George Hatfield

George Hatfield is current President of American Orchid Society. He will give a presentation on cymbidiums. 

He graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a Bachelor in Science in Plant and Soil Science. He soon thereafter received a Pest Control Advisors License from the state of California in 1985. His last 3 professional careers were Vice President of operations Calavo (CVGW) 1998 – 2003, International Business Consultant (DMFP) 2003 – 2005 and Hatfield Orchids, Owner operator 2005 – current.

Some major accomplishments in the field of orchids include:

  • Board Member Cymbidium Society of America 1994 – 2010
  • President of the Cymbidium Society of America 1998/99
  • Chairman of the CSA Cymbidium Congress from 1998-2001
  • Author of Articles in Awards Quarterly, Orchid Digest and Cymbidium Society Journal
  • Board member of the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 1998 – current
  • President of the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2002/2003 and 2015/2016

  • Certified Accredited Judge – American Orchid Society and Cymbidium Society of America
  • American Orchid Society Judging Chair, Pacific South Judging Center 2011 – current
  • Cymbidium Society of America Judging Chair, 1998 – current
  • Key note speaker at the 2009 Australian National Orchid Conference in Melbourne
  • American Orchid Society, Judging Committee National Training Coordinator 2012 – current
  • Chairman of the AOS Nominating Committee 2012/2013
  • Hybridizer of numerous award winning Cymbidiums
  • Orchid Judge Tokyo Dome Show 2003 – 2009
  • Exhibitor Tokyo Dome Show 2008
  • Exhibitor Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 1992 – current


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Meeting – June 12, 2017 – Raphael Romero

Raphael Romero will give a presentation on genus Myrmecophila.

This genus has a strong association with ants, from its very name which was derived from the Greek myrmex, an ant and philos, friend, in reference to its conical, tapering hollow pseudobulbs which provide an inviting home to these garden and household pests. It is in fact, these hollow pseudobulbs, which harbor ant colonies that are said to protect delicate parts of the plants such as root tips that distinguish Mymecophila from Schomburgkia. The genus now consists of the following former Schomburgkia species: M. albopurpurea, M. brysiana, M. christinae, M. exaltata, M. galeottiana, M. grandiflora, M. humboldtii, M. x laguna-guerrerae, M. thomsoniana, M. tibicinis, and M. wendlandii. The most well known species are probably M. tibicinis and M. brysiana. 

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Meeting – July 10, 2017 – Melana Davison

Melana Davison is AOS Accredited Judge that lives in Homestead with her husband Jim, also an accredited judge. They have an extensive and diverse orchid collection of over 5000 orchids.  Melana is very active in the South Florida orchid community holding seats on two different orchid societies. She is the current president of the Orchid Society of Coral Gables and of the South Dade Amateur Orchid Club and is involved with the South Florida Orchid Society, Pan Am Orchid Society, Eastern Airlines Orchid Society, and the Coalition for Orchid Species.
Melana has the last 10 years run The Orchidiva.  A company  responsible for the care of thousands of orchids. She grows, blooms, cures, diagnoses and pots and repots all species of orchids,  she understands the special needs of muliple orchids and hybrids, and can cares for the most finicky collections.

For our meeting she will be doing a talk on ‘The Four Horsemen: mount your nobilor, schilleriana, Walkeriana, and aclandiae.

You will have better success with these four sometimes-challenging Cattleya species after this talk!

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Meeting August 14, 2017 – Movie Night

A Fort Lauderdale Orchid Society summer tradition, movie night has it all: orchids, popcorn, candy, and a movie about our favorite plant! This year’s film is from the Plants Behaving Badly series oo PBS 

Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” shook the scientific world and far beyond. Yet it was his next book, devoted entirely to orchids, which filled in gaps and firmed up his revolutionary ideas. Orchids have an ethereal beauty, whether growing hundreds of feet up in a misty rainforest or along the verges of busy suburban roads. But their exotic flowers are shaped for just one purpose: to draw in pollinators.

No need to bring treats as it will all be provided.

The program starts at 7:30 p.m.

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Meeting – September 12, 2016 – Thanh Nguyen

September 12, 7:30 PM meeting will feature Thanh Nguyen from Springwater Orchids. He is from Melbourne, Florida and is a great friend to FLOS, donating plants for our annual auction and participating in our show! He has been an orchid grower for over 25 years and is specializes in paphiopedilum hybridizing. This is your chance to learn more about paphs and to add some unique and fascinating ‘chids to your collection.


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October 2016, 2:00 PM Keiki Club

October 16, 2016 meeting to be at Scott Peplin’s.

To confirm your attendance call: 954-261-1966.

Meeting October 10, 2016 – FLOS Orchid Auction

Our annual orchid auction takes place in October.  As always, expect unique, rare and exotic specimens to add to your collection! This promises to be a night of fun, fierce bidding and satisfaction as you go home with your coveted prize.

The auction starts at 7:00PM. Registration starts at 6:30.. Come early to register, inspect plants, and plan your bidding strategies!

Here are some tips for FLOS members: 

While you’re repotting, think about donating a division to FLOS. The proceeds from our auction go to reducing the cost for the holiday party. Remember we will be getting plants from vendors but we also need your participation.

 Donate healthy, pest and disease-free, named divisions. Bare root or potted.
 Include a picture of the orchid in bloom, if you can. (One of your own or one from the internet. Just Google the name for an image.)
 If you can’t get a picture, tell us what it looked like, such as “ Big white Cattleya with yellow lip” or “Blooms in winter around the holidays”
 Do you have extra pots or supplies that are taking up room in your grow area? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

All monies raised help underwrite member functions like the holiday dinner, rambles and preview party.

Many thanks to vendors who supply fabulous plants to supplement those donated by FLOS members:


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Meeting November 14, 2016 – Brian Monk

Brian Monk from Blu Llama Orchids will be our November speaker.

Brian started growing and hybridizing orchids in his backyard, but this has expanded to 4,000 square feet of greenhouse space. He will grow anything green, but focuses on his hybridizing projects, which include the development of multi-floral white and pink Paphiopedilums, warmth tolerant red Oncidinae and a standard pink Cattleya with an all white lip. Brian pursues photography as well and won awards during the 2007 Miami International Orchid Show and the 2008 World Orchid Conference.

Brian spoke to FLOS in 2012 and revealed one of his many secrets for growing orchids: “Grow or Die”.  In other words, figure out what works best for your conditions and stick with it. He recommends “weeding out” collections annually as it  takes the same amount of space, effort and supplies to grow poor quality orchids as good quality orchids.  So mark your calendar for one of two excellent months for this chore, October (FLOS Annual  Auction) or January (FLOS Annual Show).

The program starts at 7:30 p.m.

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