Meeting – June 12, 2017 – Raphael Romero

Raphael Romero will give a presentation on genus Myrmecophila.

This genus has a strong association with ants, from its very name which was derived from the Greek myrmex, an ant and philos, friend, in reference to its conical, tapering hollow pseudobulbs which provide an inviting home to these garden and household pests. It is in fact, these hollow pseudobulbs, which harbor ant colonies that are said to protect delicate parts of the plants such as root tips that distinguish Mymecophila from Schomburgkia. The genus now consists of the following former Schomburgkia species: M. albopurpurea, M. brysiana, M. christinae, M. exaltata, M. galeottiana, M. grandiflora, M. humboldtii, M. x laguna-guerrerae, M. thomsoniana, M. tibicinis, and M. wendlandii. The most well known species are probably M. tibicinis and M. brysiana. 

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