Show January 17-19, 2014 – Exotic Orchids

The 2014 Annual Fort Lauderdale Orchid Show “Exotic Orchids” was held from Jan 17th – 19th. Many thanks to our AOS judges, our many FLOS volunteers, our vendors, and most of all, the visitors who came and enjoyed the show!

[Show as slideshow]  (Photos by Steve Herman)

The following exhibit awards were given by […]

Meeting August 12, 2013 – Milton Carpenter

When Milton Carpenter’s wife, Nancy, was in the hospital for the delivery of their second daughter, Peggy Ruth, he gave her a flowering plant Rhyncholaeliocattle (Brassocattleya) Springtide (Madame Charles Maron × C. Monica [1925]). The large, pinkish, fragrant cattleya cast its spell over this Florida native and so began his journey into the world of orchids. Decades later […]