Meeting August 13, 2012 – John Odom

Our August speaker was John Odom from Odom’s Orchids who presented How we grow Cattleyas. The presentation provided both scientific and cultural perspective on the genus.

John Odom studied genetics for his Masters in college under a distinguished professor who won the nobel peace prize and has been growing orchids for the last 43 plus years. […]

August 2012 awards


Blc. Hauserman’s  Jade  “Addison”  grown by Tin Ly Blc.  Ports of Paradise  “Emerald Isle” grown by Brady Mitchell Lc. Tropical  Pointer  ” Cheetah” grown by Chris Binder C. labiata ‘amesiana’ grown by Tony Millet Schom. splendida var. Cauca grown by Rich Ackerman Epi. ciliare grown by Saira Kaizad Brassia caudata ‘JEM’ grown by John […]